Thursday, April 10, 2014

the reichstag

We took a tour of their government building, the Reichstag.  We all met at the subway to go:

Before we went we got a history lesson from our guide Stefano so we could learn about the wall:

Then to the Reichstag:

Here is a model of it once we're inside:

And the surrounding grounds and what other government buildings there are:

Many works of art are there including one that was like a hall of records.  I don't remember exactly, but each "box" (which wasn't actually a box) was for someone in history/government.  The black box was for Hitler, I do remember that.

Another work of art was this scrolling sign that went from floor to ceiling, and it scrolls texts from famous speeches and it doesn't repeat for months because of all the text. (again going from memory on the tour, but we think that's right).

Parts of the building are original and have graffiti on it from years ago, and the graffiti has been left undisturbed:

Their voting system was also interesting because they usually don't do an actual count, just look and estimate based on it being lopsided enough to be obvious.  If it's not obvious, instead of doing a count, they all walk out of the room where they convene and walk through one of the three doors to basically cast their vote of yes, no, or abstain so to speak.

This is the room where they convene and they have a beautiful dome too:

The dome is really pretty from inside, and there are ways to get up there and get tours, but we weren't allowed because they were having a session later that day and there were television crews getting set up while we were there.

Also a giant eagle hanging in the room:

And here's a full photo of the outside of the building:

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Running Meg said...

I studied international relations in college and LOVED learning about the German government. Your pics are awesome!