Friday, December 7, 2012

organizing jewelry in a picture frame!

I finally have enough jewelry to require some sort of storage.  Not that much of my jewelry is real or worth a lot, but it became a matter of organization.  Sadly my prior method of storage was a Rubbermaid tiny chest of three drawers that was white but always seemed dirty.  Plus throwing necklaces into a drawer is not a great way to keep them untangled.  Instead of purchasing a jewelry box, I came up with a crafty solution:

Isn't that cute?  I saw a tutorial/instruction online, and I decided to make something similar.  My biggest change was that I bought a frame that already was made, I didn't make one out of trim like the online tutorial.  So then we used some thin plywood as the "back".  Then I painted that plywood the same color as the wall because then it looks like you've hung the jewelry on the wall and then framed it.  Since I was fitting plywood into an existing frame, I had to buy some brackets to keep it in.  This is what the back looks like:

A few notes: when I screwed in the hooks, the first one was splitting the wood something terrible.  So you HAVE to predrill if you don't want to split and separate the wood all over the place.  Also, the hooks stuck out the back too far so we trimmed those off with our Dremel drill. 

If you want closeups of the hooks or the little tray at the bottom for rings, post earrings, and other things that don't hang well on the hooks, check out the online tutorial.

Just to give you an idea, here is where it is in my bathroom:

It is right next to my vanity, which makes complete sense.  It also fills up that skinny space of wall and helps break up the beige since even the doors to my walk-in closet are beige!


Aimmie Nammy said...

Thank you so much for sharing this informative post.. Stay blessed!!
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Jeph said...

I especially like the one on the left!

Sharon Andy Holderman said...

That's because it was an awesome present from Jeph :)